Applying Data Science to Healthcare, for doctors; for patients.

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Who We Are

We're data scientists, doctors and designers building products that help healthcare professionals use data to improve their patients' lives.

Our team has worked in the healthcare and technology sectors in the UK and beyond, gaining experience in some of the biggest and most respected institutions in the world.

What We Do

The last decade has been marked by the explosion of interest in machine learning and data science. While we've seen great leaps forward in image recognition, machine translation, intelligent forecasting and recommendations, the practical application of these advances to the healthcare sector has been slow.

We take the state-of-the-art techniques in these areas (and more) and use them to enable healthcare professionals. Whether it's building a predictive model to calculate cancer prognosis under differing treatment scenarios, translating physical healthcare records into a digital format, or forecasting the likely impact of holidays on hospital admissions, we believe that technology can revolutionise healthcare.

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